Have you been recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease?  Are you worried that you could be a likely candidate?  Are you thinking about starting a Gluten-Free Life?  Well, you have come to the right place. 

"Celiac Completely Explained by Celiac expert Angela Morken, an expert and sufferer of Celiac Disease."

*Angela is an expert as well as a sufferer and parent of a Celiac Child*

If you have questions about Celiac disease, then you have come to the right place.  I have studied and experienced the disease for over 15 years.  I know how you are feeling, and I am here to put you at ease. 

Read on to learn more about Celiac. 



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Dear Friend,

Whether you are a current sufferer, newly diagnosed with Celiac, unsure if you have Celiac, or are just looking to live a Gluten-Free life, rest assured that you have found the best Celiac resource on the Internet.  First, let me give you a bit of background information about myself.  Fifteen years ago, at age 19, I had an eerie feeling that something was wrong with my body.  I was constantly losing and gaining weight, experiencing diarrhea everyday, constant headaches, trouble sleeping, and even problems controlling my anger.  I would go to my doctor week after week and they would diagnose it as anxiety issues related to stress.  I believed them, and continued to live life in utter despair day after day. 

Finally, one day while I was reading a Health Magazine at the grocery store, I came across Celiac Disease.  The disease named as "Celiac" had never even come across my doctors or my thoughts when talking about my symptoms.  As I read this Celiac Disease article, it hit me like a lightning bulb, I had just about every single symptom the article explained.

How was this?

My doctor, friends, and family had never even mentioned this disease to me before in my life.  Could I really have Celiac Disease?

Naturally, the next day I marched into my doctors office with this magazine article.  I was furious that I had been feeling ill for the past six months and at this point I was 95% sure I had the disease.  My doctor told me to calm down and that he would perform testing to see if I indeed had this disease. 

The next day, my doctor called me and told me to come into his office.  It was true, I had Celiac disease.  My doctor was apologetic in not diagnosing this disease earlier, he told me Celiac is extremely hard to diagnose because the symptoms are closely related to a normal sickness or flu.

The worse news had yet to come though... because it had been 19 years before I was diagnosed with Celiac,  I now had permanent damage to my small intestine.  The reason was because of how much gluten I had consumed over the years.  A Celiac Disease sufferer is supposed to have a Gluten diet of less then 0.3%

Just when I thought I knew EVERYTHING about Celiac Disease, my 6 year old daughter was diagnosed! There were so many NEW things to learn - that I had taken for granted as a Grown UP. But I learned them, and YOU WILL TOO.. if you are here as a parent of a celiac, I KNOW you will do everything to not harm them, and make sure they flourish and thrive in their new reality.

The disease is closely related in genetics, and can really hurt your family if not dealt with the correct way.

I had been consuming gluten filled foods for years - wheat, barley, rye, and oats.   These foods had been essentially deteriorating my health.   To say the least I was furious not only at my doctor and family, I was furious at the situation.  From that moment on, I decided I was going to do everything in my power to better myself and learn everything possible about this disease.

I was astonished that 1 in 133 people are living with this horrible disease.  A large percentage of those living with Celiac do not even know it!  I made it my mission to put out a report that would help Celiac sufferers, newly diagnosed, and those that are trying to live a gluten free lifestyle.

Look at just how common this disease really is in America today:

Could you have active Gluten Sensitivity?  Could you be one of the 1% of Americans that has the disease?  Do you have friends or family that always seem to be sick, but nobody knows with what? 

It's time to put a stop to the guessing game and once and for all pre-diagnose yourself, family, or friend with Celiac disease.  The only 100% effective way is to visit your doctor, but my report will effectively show you all the symptoms and side effects a Celiac disease sufferer experiences.

What will you learn in my report?

This report is 29 pages long in .pdf format. You can download it IMMEDIATELY after purchase, even it its 2 AM!  It will completely outline every aspect of Celiac Disease.

Complete list of symptoms and diagnoses of Celiac

How to put together the PERFECT Gluten-Free diet

Great tasting Gluten-Free food products

The BEST Celiac Support Groups

The 100% Gluten-Free Kitchen

Find out where Gluten is LURKING outside of FOOD that you MUST be aware of

How to dine out and still enjoy your dinner with Celiac Disease

The HORRIBLE Neurological damage caused by Celiac

How to deal with your child having Celiac Disease

How to completely safeguard your child against Celiac

Our #1 unique tip that I guarantee you don't know and won't find anywhere on the Internet. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can your report really help me?

A: If you have ever wondered about ANYTHING related to Celiac, my report will fully explain your questions.

Q: How has your life been dealing with Celiac?

A: Before being diagnosed, it was horrible.  Since being diagnosed, I have learned to safeguard myself so my life has been 100% better.

Q: If I think my child or friend might Celiac, should I make them go to the doctor?

A: If after reading my report you find that your child or friend displays any of the behaviors shown, I highly recommend in taking them to the doctor to be tested.

Q: If your report isn't what I was looking for, can I get my money back?

A:  Sure, we are confident if you are looking for any information related to Celiac, it can be found in this report.  If for any reason you'd like a refund, simply drop me an e-mail and I'll happily refund your money.

Don't take our word for it, look at what others are saying after reading our report:



"Angela, you know more about Celiac then my doctor! I've been living with this disease for 15 years now and you have taught me some very valuable information to improve my life.  Thank you very much."

-Sheri Yorn  from Minnesota



"The Celiac Report should be in doctors offices and bookstores everywhere.  The amount of valuable information put in this report is definitely worth the 20 bucks.  I learned a lot."

-Chris Ulcese from Georgia



"Hey Angela.. you sound a lot like me. I was living with Celiac for 6 years before anyone even thought of it.  I wish there was a report out like this 6 years ago that I could of read.  Great way of giving back!"

-Joshua Incan from South Carolina


Why is the price $27.00?

I am charging $27.00 and not giving this report away for three very valid reasons.

  • This website cost and report cost myself thousands of dollars to create.  I am honestly not trying to make much of a profit, I am just trying to recoup the costs I incurred while putting this product together.


  • I am not a rich person, and I honestly put forth a lot of effort to put all this information together.  I am currently an aspiring health book author.  I feel this is my first step to prove myself I can make it.


  • If your truly serious about getting to the bottom of Celiac Disease, while learning every aspect about Celiac, then $27.00 should be a small expense at truly improving your life or the lives of your friends and family. 



BONUS REPORT:  Only offered .  As if our comprehensive report wasn't enough, we are offering an additional bonus report for anyone that orders today. 


The bonus report includes:

Top tips for Celiac Disease sufferers

Great tasting recipes we've personally tried and tested

The top 46 hidden resources you won't find on the first pages of Google.  That's right, we've done all the searching for you.  Save hours, possibly days and find every resource related to Celiac in one special report.




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I truly wish the best for you, your friends, and your family. 

Celiac Disease is an awful disease to live with, but it is dangerous to be living with it and not know if you have it.  Make a small investment that could change your life or someone's life close to you.

All the best,

P.S.  The price of the report and bonus guide is only valid until Midnight, .  We intermittently raise the price back up to its normal price of $47.00.  Don't fall victim to the price increase by waiting to buy this report.  Pick it up today at its special price.

P.P.S.  Remember, you have my personal guarantee that if this report is not everything you thought it would be you can request for a 100% full refund.   There is no risk to you at all to purchase this report today.



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